The term remediation is simply rediscovering new media with old media, but not disregarding the old media. Remediation has been around for ages.  From the Pantheon, an ancient temple in Rome, Italy built for the ancient Roman Gods, which was remediated by emperor Hadrian in 126 AD. Or, to the reconstruction of a new levee system for New Orleans flood watch.  However, in 2000 Dr. Jay Bolter & Dr. Richard Grusin was the first to publish written material concerning remediation, which deals with incorporating different types of media while establishing new media. In Bolter and Grusin’s book, Remediation: Understanding New Media, theories are offered that challenge the new age digital media such as computer graphics and the world wide web, which argue that new media is strongly recognized because of old media.


I strongly agree with Bolter and Grusin that new media is established from old media. Just like all humans backgrounds, culture, has its precedence. Therefore, there would not be an umbrella if someone did not say “I am tired of getting rained on” In summary without the old or experience of failure there would not be any new, but in any case that the new shall fade away the old would always stand strong because of its relevance to the new.



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